There is no life worth living without Jesus Christ. And no other way to live than to receive His love and free gift of salvation, then serve Jesus wholeheartedly, worshipping and obeying Him with passion and knowledge. This is your personal invitation into a relationship with Him.


Without Him life becomes dangerously hopeless

- Pastor Joan

It is in Him you must put your trust

- Deon

He is the Only Way to The Father.

- Erica

I need His peace, His joy, His love and His hope to do life.

- Esther

His blood was shed on The Cross for our redemption.

- Francine

It is Him who causes all things to work together for good and not our own efforts or by luck... and we often take a lot of bad turns in life, so we are in need of a catchment.

- Juanita

He loves me better than I even love myself

- Kathryn

When I face trials and disappointments, I know I don't have to handle it alone. I just lean on Him and He always carries me through.

- Janet

I am nothing without Him. He is my source of strength, support and motivation. There is nothing like His love!

- Kimberly

Without Him I am nothing and can do nothing

- Marion
If you want to experience and participate in the life-changing love of God and family, then this church is the place to call home!