Our Purpose



Transforming Lives

“The Great Commission” – Matthew 28:18-20

EVANGELISM: Life changing relationship with Jesus Christ – whole gospel to the whole person

DISCIPLESHIP: Life changing biblical teaching and life on life ministry, preparing members for spiritual leadership


Transforming Love

“The Great Commandment” – Matthew 22:36-40

WORSHIP: Life changing corporate worship atmosphere, helping people connect deeply to God

FELLOWSHIP: Life changing biblical Community, helping people enjoy healthy relationships with others


Transforming Community

“The Great Commitment” – Acts 2:42-47

MINISTRY: Life changing service in the church and community

OUTREACH: Life changing social partnerships, impacting and transforming our community, nation and the world


People - The love of God is the love of man

Small Groups - Purpose is realized in community

Biblical Fellowship - Life on life ministry

Biblical Application - The whole gospel to the whole man, Teaching for life change

Spiritual Growth - Our goal is to look like Christ

Holiness - Christ changes our heart by faith

Service - Everyone has a gift to give

Generosity - We give by faith, not by force

Church - We are a part of the body of Christ



Transformed Life Church is enthusiastic about serving our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Driven by faith and being certain of what we are led to do, we will passionately spread His message throughout our community, our country and our world.  

Through the teachings of the scripture, prayer, genuine care for each other and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we will work together to achieve God’s purpose.  We will also join with our social partners in order to impact and transform our communities.