Our Leaders

Dwight Fletcher


Pastor Dwight is the visionary engine of TLC who charts the direction of our church and leads us in taking new territories for the Kingdom of God. He uses innovations and creative opportunities to guide the church in sharing God’s love with everyone and everywhere. In 1994, Pastor Dwight married the woman of his dreams, and he’s the first to declare that “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing” (Proverbs 18:22). He enjoys defeating the enemy’s plans in prayer and his fellow man in a good game of dominoes.

Joan Fletcher


Pastor Joan is the #1 cheerleader for her husband, the love of her life. Her encouragements don’t stop there, though. Pastor Joan has a passion for worship and for seeing people healed and delivered; she is always ready to listen, pray and share a laugh or story. Pastor Joan, an Attorney by profession, currently leads the Discipleship, Worship, Youth, Care and Prayer & Healing Ministries.

Maurice Bailey


Pastor Maurice is an attorney-at-law by day and guitar player every other spare minute; but he is a worshipper all the time, especially as a member of TLC’s Worship Ministry. He is passionate about God and his family – and that includes the family of believers. Pastor Maurice has been married to Marcia since 1986 and they have two amazing children, Matthew along with Sarah (married to Petrano), who has made him a proud grandpa.

Jean-Claude Davidson


Pastor Jean-Claude directs our Finance, Property, Technology and Administrative teams at TLC. He is a recovered workaholic who now works zealously with Colossians 1:28-29 as his mantra, knowing that God is the One working mightily in him. He loves to learn at the feet of Jesus and then teach enthusiastically to any who will listen. Pastor Jean-Claude and his wife, Pastor Marsha, have two daughters of destiny together. In the very rare moments that he has spare time, he enjoys practicing taekwondo.

Marsha Davidson


Pastor Marsha leads TLC’s Operations through Production, Communication, Hospitality and Missions – so, she has a lot to do with how our services and events are planned and executed. She believes that everyone was born with a God-shaped vacuum and she loves helping to fill that space and get to a place of wholeness – emotionally, spiritually and physically. When she’s not at TLC, you can find Pastor Marsha with her family, especially her husband, Pastor Jean-Claude, and their beautiful children, Deborah and Sarah.

Paul Russell


Pastor Paul is a master storyteller – a fact that his wife and four children know all too well. He has a passion for mentorship of youth, especially young men, and getting them to a place of leadership and independence. Pastor Paul enjoys leading our Life Groups with his wife, Pastor Andrea, in order to do just that. He is a professional Medical Rep and a self-proclaimed, undisputed Christmas celebration expert. But, his favourite time of any year is when he’s with family.

Andrea Russell


Pastor Andrea is an Educator and Guidance Counsellor by profession and a fervent intercessor by choice - a choice that she would make again and again. She has spent her life growing more in love with the Lord and inspiring others to do the same, especially at her self-created ‘Holy Spirit rub up lemonade’ dates with young couples or women. With her second greatest love, Pastor Paul, she has raised a family with four wonderful children: Godfrey, Gillian, Elizabeth, and David.

Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd


Jacqueline is the driving force behind her organization and people and development firm. She uses her expertise in corporate strategic planning and her anointing as a servant leader, to bless our church and others. She is a proud Jamaican and desires to see the Church community, the State and the Business sector work together to positively transform our nation and the world. Jackie married Evon in 1985 and they have three fantastic children, Evon Jr., Jason and Abigail.

Charmaine Daniels


Charmaine came to TLC with her beautiful children, David and Chrisia, to grow more in love with the Lord and, in the process we fell in love with her. Her effortless grace and hardworking support is a constant inspiration for us. Also, she loves people, just like us, and helping others to know their identity in Christ, just like us! And she uses every opportunity to show others the One who gives them hope (you guessed it, just like us!).

Arlene Martin


Arlene is a Strategy Consultant & Business Coach who is passionate about using her talents to support the mission of Transformed Life Church to share God’s love and raise up a people who are God chasers. In all areas of her life, Arlene enjoys seeing persons grow into their purpose. She diligently serves the TLC family, often behind the scenes, but always with passion and care. Speaking of family, she adores and treasures hers, especially her nieces and nephews.

Ann-Dawn Young Sang


Ann-Dawn is a transformational leader and out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential, and is deeply committed to representing Godly values and principled conduct whether in the corporate arena or when serving the TLC LIT Teens. It was “love at first sight” when she first experienced TLC’s authentic and practical church family, and it’s a similar all-in love that she shares with her two awesome children, Arianne and David, and Darren, her husband of 22 years.

Cordene Henry


Cordene and ‘transformation’ go hand in hand. She gets excited at every opportunity to make a project or activity reflect excellence at its highest level. In fact, Cordene used to be responsible for managing several of TLC’s events, which she loves. And this is still a major part of her current role as General Manager of TLC’s Associate Companies. Her other loves include decorating of every kind, sewing, cooking and advancing God’s Kingdom through outreach and the gift of administration.

Carolyn Bolt Nicholas


Carolyn has a gift for seeing below the surface, which makes her a timely transformational leader. She brings her sense of excellence, her ironically straight-talking diplomacy, and her natural organisation and efficiency to her role. When Carolyn isn’t challenging those around her to expand their potential, she’s recharging alone or enjoying time with close friends. After God, Carolyn’s great loves are her quietly excellent son Cameron, and fashion. 

Ivy ‘Esther’ Bradshaw


Esther is passionate about people. She is always ready to encourage us, pray with anyone, and anoint with an entire bottle of olive oil. She is the wife of one, Khalil, mother to four and grandmother to beautiful children - all of whom, she says, look just like her. Esther lives to see others come into a victorious life in Christ, receive all that Abba has in store for them and glorify Him daily.


Grace Cowan-Allen


Grace is passionate about celebrating people and serving those around her – which is awesome since she leads our Hospitality Ministry! She also enjoys being used by God to show love to His people, especially those lost and hurting. She and her husband, Lloyd, are committed to positively impacting others whenever they can, especially when it means going to the beach! Grace loves relaxing by the beautiful Caribbean Sea under the warm Jamaican sunshine.


Lydia Dunn


Lydia, her wonderful husband, Leroy, and her awesome son, Joshua, began attending TLC simply because it was close to home. After two months, TLC also became close to her heart. Lydia comes from a big, loving family and that is the same way she treats the youth at TLC, as part of her family. She is a teacher by profession, and a world class chef in her dreams. But she does enjoy baking and watching Food Network!

Darcy Parkins


Darcy visited TLC at her daughter’s request; her husband Robert, joined them later and the rest they say “is history”. In December 2018, they became members of TLC. A retired banker, Darcy now spends time feeding her passion for sports and is a member of the Jamaica Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation which she sees as an avenue to reach and impact the lives of athletes for the Kingdom of God. As an image bearer, her desire is to be a true disciple of Jesus.

Tracey-Ann Pessoa


Tracey-Ann is the proud mother of Gabrielle, one of the greatest blessings of her life. In 2019 she officially became a staff member at TLC. However, that was just a formality because Tracey was already working behind the scenes for a long time! She has a special love for the young and young-at-heart and is passionate about seeing them become more ‘on fire’ for God as they know and trust Him more.


Rohan Rose


Rohan is the father of 4 beautiful daughters, Danielle, Gia, Gabrielle and Gael. He lives by Matthew 22:36-40 loving the Lord with all his heart and his neighbour as himself. Rohan fancies himself as excellent in the kitchen. Fun fact: Rohan has been snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea as well as splashing about in the Blue Lagoon, yet he cannot swim.