About the Band


TLC Lifesong is most excited about using music to communicate the love of our Father to the heart of his children.  But we’re also passionate about a few other things...


Nicola Tucker, vocalist

I am passionate about people encountering God. Meeting and understanding His great, great love for them. Seeing people through God's eyes while going through the process of them being discipled and transforming into being like Christ. I am also passionate about my sweet pea daughter.

Maurice Bailey, guitarist

I am passionate about knowing God and doing His will. I am passionate that Jamaican laws result in justice for the people of Jamaica.


Francine Douglas, vocalist

I am passionate about transforming lives with the message of freedom in Christ through worship and intercession.


Kamar Forrest, drummer

It really is to serve God through this gift/talent that he has placed on my life. I love to use it to glorify His name and to draw souls to Him. I'm also passionate about persons that are close to me. I cherish my good friends and family and I really love God.


Janis Garel, vocalist

I am passionate about seeing lives changed and people living their best God filled lives. Other passions include, but not limited to: Family; Giving of time and service; Traveling; Mentorship; Administration/ Organization - seeing plans coming together and executed with excellence and Dancing.


Jo-Ann Johnson, vocalist

I'm passionate about reaching lost souls. Finding out if they know Jesus and seeing if there's anything I can do to help them know Him better. Not the Jesus way up there in the sky but the real, down-to-earth, relatable Jesus that is with us everyday and is waiting for us to involve Him in every single part of our lives; from the tiniest, seemingly insignificant thing to major decisions.


Roel Miller, bass guitarist

I'm passionate about music in particular bass guitars; how each part of a bass works; the science of sounds and; how the different elements work. I also love football and cars and of course God.


Levoy Paul, vocalist & guitarist

I'm passionate about being an influence on others so that they, as well as myself, can achieve our full potential.


Omar Reid, vocalist

I am passionate about being the best me.


Marlon Senior, keyboardist

I am passionate about kingdom building. I am also passionate about the things I truly love which includes Music (of course), Sports and not least my family.


Rouaj Shirley, keyboardist

I have always considered "music" as my passion. Whether it's listening, playing or composing, there is always a great joy and peace that comes to me. It's even better even when playing for God as I have realised my role in the bigger picture- helping persons find their way to the Lord through worship. In that way, it becomes more "passion with a purpose".


Everold Simms, vocalist

I have so many passions, it’s hard to limit it to one! I am passionate about the welfare of others. I am passionate about being a husband that my Saviour can be proud of and that my wife can love and respect. I am passionate about being a father that my children can be proud of. I am passionate about creating an intimate relationship with God to really know him for myself. I am passionate about getting to the point where on that day when the Saviour calls me home, He will be pleased. I am also passionate about taking musical genres back from the clutches of the enemy and using them for Kingdom building. I would love to become the Assassin, Chronixx (or Everold) of Gospel, if it is the Lord's will.


Andrea Smith, vocalist

I'm passionate about being an agent of change through worship for the next generation. I want to encourage them to develop a personal relationship with God and a heart to worship Him.


Andrew Wildes, vocalist

I'm passionate about the gospel, justice and reggae music.


Michael Watson, vocalist

I am passionate about The Word of God; Family; Worship; Sports and Dominoes.